Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

The mobile phone has become such an essential part of modern life. It is difficult to find a person who does not possess one. This little device has greatly influenced all irrespective of caste, race, religion or gender. This can be also used by anyone who has little knowledge of technology.

Today it has become an essential item in a person’s life. With the invention of the latest information technology, this device has greatly changed with enormous functions and features. It is not only used for communication but also used for other various activities such as taking photos or videos, online transactions, surfing the net as well as playing games.

This device can be also used as a computer for word processing, spreadsheets, databases or presentation. This device can be used for making money by engaging in different professions and trading via online shopping websites. At present mobile money has become very popular among all social levels including customers, traders as well bankers or other financial institutions.

Although it has many advantages, there are a considerable amount of disadvantages too. It depends on the person and the purpose of the usage. If you use it for useless social media activities, it will waste your valuable time and money and badly impact your health. By addicting mobile games, children can lose their concentration on their studies and daily activities. Using mobile phones for many illegal activities, the lives of people have been destroyed. If we can control these limitations this device can be used for the development of the society and the economy.