Vocabulary – Level 01 – Test 03

Answer all questions. Match the picture with the words.

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My teacher

My teacher

The name of my teacher is Philips Clemens. He is from a village near Chicago. He is fair and handsome. He is very cheerful and has an attractive beautiful smile. He is in his middle thirties. He educates and helps us to become responsible citizens. If we do not understand any lesson, he teaches it again very kindly. He is strict but loves us a lot. He is very good at telling stories. On some days, he brings us sweetmeats and fruits. When we achieve his targets successfully, he always encourages us with prizes. I thank God for blessing us with a great teacher like him.


Importance of Learning English

Importance of Learning English – 1

English is an international language, spoken in many countries in the world. It has become the most important language as well as the key to the modern world. Many people are interested in learning this language, as an exception to their mother tongue. English is taught in Sri Lankan schools, but in rural areas, the students do not have a sufficient amount of resources. It is an essential qualification for higher education. If we intend to go abroad for employment or further education we must get qualified in English, sitting for examinations such as TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language or IELTS, International English Language Testing System. If we are good at English, we have the opportunity to communicate with foreign people. As Sri Lankans, we are blessed to pronounce the English words as same as the native speakers.

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Importance of Learning English – 2

Over the past three decades, most countries in the world have become more and more developed with the latest technology and interconnected globally. For this global relationship, the English language has a major role, to covey the thought of people, irrespective of race, nationality or country that they belong. So, learning English is very important for economic and academic development as well as mutual understanding and the expansion of relationships.

When we consider information technology, the English language has greatly contributed as it is spoken by 1.348 billion people as the mother tongue or as a second language. So, if we have a requirement to join with the global community, English would make it easier and more efficient.

English is very crucial for the development of the industries in a country since the products or services are marketed throughout the world. To face the global market completion, the customers should be aware properly to capture the anticipated market.

Today, people tend to get their educational qualifications from world-famous institutions and universities. Since the courses are conducted in English Medium, they have to sit for Language examinations such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) before applying for the migration.

As English has become a universal language, there is a good chance to entertain films, novels, songs or stories. Many popular books in other foreign languages are also have been translated into English. So, the readers can experience the creations and the thoughts of great thinkers, philosophers or writers.

 If you wish to improve your English, constant practice is essential. With the proper guidance of the teacher, a regular plan could be implemented, measuring the improvement. Then, you would be able to get the maximum opportunities in life.


My favourite person

My Favourite Person

My favourite person is my little sister. She is an interesting person. She is very attractive, talkative and talented. She knows to sing and dance moreover studies well. Although she is very busy with her studies, she finds time to play with me among the trees in the garden. She never makes my room untidy and helps me whenever she has spare time. Her heart is very soft as a petal of a flower. She never does any cruelty to anyone else. She always loves to help not only her friends but also the neighbours who live around our garden. Because of her good qualities, she has become popular among her teachers as well. She wants to be a doctor and help needy people.

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English Language – Level 02 – 06 – Be verbs – 02


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Be verbs – Level 02 – Test 02

Answer all questions. Select the most suitable “be” verb for the blank.

Answer all the questions.

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They ………………. good kids.

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There………………a big garden around the house.

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We………………..very afraid of the darkness.

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She………………..a thin woman.

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This…………….a picture of tigers.

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Cats …………………… very sweet animals.

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His aunt…………….a fat person.

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He ………………….. an innocent boy.

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This child…………………very friendly.

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You……………………a very kind person.

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It …………………. a red apple.

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He………….ill for two days.

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Puppies………………very lovely animals.

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She …………………… a great actress.

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We all…………….good people.

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This tiger………………very dangerous.

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Elephants…………………as big as mountains.

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Oliver……………….a clever little boy.

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Bees……………………very useful insects.

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This……………….my most favourite food.

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The Shepherd Boy and the Tigers

Once there was a cattle farm at the top of a hillock near a remote village. A shepherd boy from the village looked after the herd. One day, he felt bored. So, he thought to play a trick on the villagers. He screamed, “Help me! Help! Help! Tigers! Tigers!” The villagers heard his lamentation and rushed to help him. When they reached him, they asked, “Where are the tigers?” The shepherd boy cackled loudly, “Ha, Ha, Ha! I fooled all of you. I was just playing a trick on you.” They were so angry and went back scolding him.

 After about two weeks, the shepherd boy played the same trick again. He shouted, “Help! Help! Tigers! Tigers!”. The villagers had forgotten the past incident. They again ran up the hill to help him. Then, he was laughing at he them for been cheated. They were really ashamed and disappointed. “We never come to help you stupid”

After some time, a flock of tigers came to his farm to hunt his cattle. The shepherd boy hurried towards the village to ask for help, “Help me! Help! Help! Tigers! Tigers! Somebody, please help me. The tigers are killing all.” The villagers heard but they thought it was another trick of him. They decided not to go to help the naughty scamp. The tigers killed many cows and calves. Luckily the lad could save his own life. He learnt a good lesson and never lied again to make people fool.


How I spend my free time

Essays for Children – Level 01

How I spend my free time

When I am free, I usually help my parents. I assist my father to grow crops in the garden around the house. I clean the house and keep it tidy because my mother is very busy. Sometimes, I visit the nearby library with my elder sister to read books and papers. It helps me to spend my spare time more usefully.