G.C.E. (O/L) English Language – 08

Grammar and Vocabulary


Identification of Mistakes – Level 04 – Test 04

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. There is a mistake in each sentence. Rewrite the sentence correcting the mistake.

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His clothes are covering with paint. He has been painting the garden wall.

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When they leave the university, Ford and Brick started a business together. They import toys for kids.

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How long have you been reading that book? I think you should returned it soon.

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Where are my keys? Did you see them? They are on the cupboard about two hours ago.

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Charles Babbage has invented the computer many years ago. It has totally changed the lifestyle of modern humans.

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I didn’t see you yesterday. What have you been done?

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Helen start to read a newspaper three hours ago. He is still reading it.

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Jennifer is from the United Estates. He has been traveling in Asia at the moment.

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Rojester is a football player. He began play football when he was about six years.

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I have a cousin who is learning Garman. How long have you been teaching German in this institution?

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