G.C.E. (O/L) English Language – 10

Grammar and Vocabulary


Identification of Mistakes – Level 04 – Test – 06

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. There is a mistake in each sentence. Rewrite the sentence correcting the mistake.

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Are you remember the beautiful goldfish with long fins? I want to buy it today itself.

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Please, come with me. I’ve got something to saw you.

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This is my collect of poems. I’m a member of the English Literary Association.

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Her hobby was watched birds. She wanted to become an ornithologist.

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I wish I could flew in the sky as free as a bird. I love to experience freedom.

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Yesterday, our teacher started a new lesson. We learnt many new things about microorganisms.

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One day, I watched an interest TV programme on wild elephants.

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Would you liked to know more about my country? It’s a beautiful island in the Indian ocean.

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This magazine is on birds in Sri Lanka, both local and migrate.

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This was the first time we have herd about his parents.

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