Identification of Mistakes – Level 04 – Test – 05

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. There is a mistake in each sentence. Rewrite the sentence correcting the mistake.

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We slept in the cawe because we couldn’t find a place to spend the night.

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Do you know about Jim? He has decided to given up his job. I think it is not good.

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Haven’t you read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens? It is very famous through the world.

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Anyone who want to go on the trip must give their names to the class teacher.

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If you have any questions, please lets me know. I can discuss this topic again with you.

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Can I have some milk on my tea, please? I feel hunger now.

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Although I got up early in the morning, I couldn’t caught the bus.

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Come and see me any time you want. I am always ready to help honast people.

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Let me know if you needed anything to start your business again here.

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This evening, I am going out with my family to watched a drama. Last week was busy for all.

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