My father

Level 01

My father’s name is Jhon Clemens. He was born in a village. He is forty-five years old now. He has three brothers and a sister. He is the youngest of his family. He has a good education. He is a good businessman in our town. He loves to eat vegetables but he loves chicken soup too. He helps me to do my homework every day. In the afternoon, he comes to my school to accompany me. He likes to play with me in the evening. He helps my mother to cook food. He loves us a lot and we love him too.

Level 02

My father’s name is Jhon Clemens. He was born in a small village near Castle Combe, England. He has three brothers and a sister and he is the youngest. He is in his early forties but strong just like a young man. His father worked as a labourer on a farm. His mother grew vegetables and fruits in a small plot around the house. Although there were many hardships and obstacles to the education, my father could achieve his objective of life. Now he a successful businessman in Castle Combe, the town we live in.
My father is a very sweet and loving person. Although he is busy with his day-to-day business activities, he always arranges a time to be with us. He loves vegetables than meat or fish dishes but his favourite is my grandmother’s chicken soup. He gets up early in the morning and helps my mother to prepare breakfast as the first activity of the day. He spends about an hour engaging in some physical exercises. He believes good health is the most valuable wealth in the world. I also join with him to jog on the road which runs by the side of the river.

As an avid reader, my father never forgets his habit of reading daily and weekend newspapers, sitting on the veranda. According to him, it is the best source of information to aware of the country and the world. He is a kind-hearted person and loves to help the needy who lives around but he hates drunks and lazy people. He is sober as a judge and my mother always appreciates his personal qualities. None of us can ever think of a life without his companion.