For junior students


My name is Ann. I am nine years old. I live in Kandy. I am studying in grade 04. My favourite food is cake. I love to drink fruit juice. I prefer pink to all other colours. I have two brothers but no sisters. I grow flowers when I am free. I also help my parents and siblings. I am good at English. My ambition is to be an engineer one day.


I am Rohana Kumara from a middle-class family in Sri Lanka. My father is a traditional farmer from a remote village in Anuradhapura. My mother is a housewife and always cares about us. I am our family’s eldest son, with three brothers but no sisters. Reading is my passion, and it helps me to improve my awareness. I am an avid reader of novels and history books as I am strongly interested in Sri Lankan History. From my childhood, I used to listen to stories from my grandmother.

I am studying in grade 11 at the school in my village. So, I walk to school along shady avenues with my siblings. While working hard for my studies, I give my contributions to my school as a prefect. As a cricket team member, I support enhancing the school’s goodwill. Among the foods I like most, cashew nut curry is my best.  I am always ready to assist my companions, especially with their subject matters.  Sometimes they visit my house to get support for their homework. My dream is to become a teacher one day to help the students to build their lives.