The sunset

The sunset

The sun sets slow, a ball of fire

Its dying rays, a crimson choir

The sky ablaze, with hues of gold

A sight to cherish, for young and old

The clouds part ways, to make room

For this celestial, nightly bloom

The sun, it sinks, in soft repose

And paints the sky, with orange glows

The world, it hushes, as if to pray

To watch this wondrous, fading display

The trees stand still, as if in awe

As night descends, with gentle draw

The sun, it slips, beyond the hills

And with it, takes, the day’s warm spills

The sky, now dark, but not for long

For soon the stars, will play their song

The sunset’s beauty, a fleeting thing

But in our hearts, it still will ring

The promise of a new dawn’s light

That comes with every, sweet twilight.