Yafula / Poems/ In the heart of the forest

In the heart of the forest

In the heart of the forest, where shadows dance, And sunlight creaps leaves, For life to thrive, in harmony’s embrace, In nature’s sanctuary, a sacred space.

The trees, tall sentinels, stand in solemn plea, Their branches whispering tales of history. They’ve witnessed the passing of seasons’ song, For centuries standing, steadfast and strong.

Yet now, the axe’s echo rings clear, As trees fall silent, in sorrow and fear. Their limbs, once reaching for the sky, Now lie scattered, beneath man’s greedy eye.

But pause, oh humanity, and listen well, To the stories the forest longs to tell. For in its depths, a chorus resounds, Of creatures, both humble and renowned.

The song of the birds, the buzz of the bees, The rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze. Each life, a thread in nature’s grand design, A tapestry woven, divine and sublime.

So let us pledge, with every breath we take, To cherish the earth, for nature’s sake. To honor the trees, the rivers, the streams, And hold in reverence, the land of our dreams.

For in the heart of the forest, we find, A truth that echoes through space and time. That we are but stewards, entrusted with care, To protect and preserve, this world so rare.

So let us stand, as guardians true, And pledge to the earth, our love anew. For in its embrace, we find our worth, In the heart of the forest, and the wilds of the earth.