Let’s protect our environment

The environment is the natural surroundings that we live in. In ancient times people protected and respected the environment. We can remind the Red Indian Leader, Siatale’s letter, as a piece of evidence to prove how much they sensitive to nature. But today, it has come under serious threats due to human activities. They have caused serious damages to the environment and it has affected badly on living things on Earth. Among the reasons affected for the disaster, deforestation, destroying wildlife, usage of harmful chemicals and artificial fertilizers, genetically modified crops,   improper garbage disposal, letting the drains to flow into the waterways, poisonous smoke emissions, and illicit sand mining are at the spearhead.

Now it is high time to be aware and take remedial actions to get rid of this destruction. To control deforestation the government can implement rules and regulations more actively. The improvement of the awareness of the school children on planting trees is very important. They can be given fruit plants free to plant in the school premises and in their own gardens. Destroying of wildlife can be identified all over the world especially in developing countries. Endangered species are facing a challenge to survive their lives on the planet and the future generation will lose these creatures forever.

At present, farmers mostly think about the amount of profit they can earn but never get worried about the damage caused to the environment by the excess usage of harmful pesticides, weedicides, and other chemicals. Genetically modified plants have badly affected the ecosystem as well as the health of the people.  By cultivating traditional crops the farmer could be able to get rid of this trap.  Eco-friendly fertilizer is a good option for artificial fertilizers. We should think about a qualitative life, than the quantity we consume.

Improper garbage disposal is also a severe problem especially in urban areas of the country. It creates breeding grounds for harmful germs, flies, and mosquitos, and they spread dangerous diseases like dengue. Recycling is a good solution for this and the outputs can be used for agriculture and as raw materials. Refusing polythene or plastic is a good solution for this problem. Cloth or wooden containers and furniture can be introduced as a substitute.

By constructing drainage recycling plants the rivers and other waterways can be kept clean. The authorities can promote the people and organizations who engage in such environment-friendly projects.  By controlling the emission of harmful gases from vehicles, factories, or power stations, global warming and an increase in seawater levels can be controlled. If we don’t actively contribute to this task will lose this word soon forever.

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